“It’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission”

Banksy’s “Present”

Banksy has been up to his old tricks again. But this time, he snuck in over half term! This is his latest piece that we know about and represents ‘present’ on the wall of a Bristol primary school.

Bridge Farm Primary School recently named a house after the elusive artist and this seemed to spark his interest in the school. It was found when teachers returned to school after the half-term break with a letter saying “it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission”. I love this quote!

This handwritten letter from Banksy was discovered by the school caretaker










The head teacher of the school, we’ll be pleased to know, wants to preserve the mural and has no interest in selling it. FINALLY! A Banksy piece that may actually live longer than a couple of hours unlike all his other pieces. The head said the latest addition to his school’s surroundings is “inspirational and aspirational” for his pupils.

I just wish Banksy paid a visit to my primary school! But, these guys are just lucky.

Viva La Banksy!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Avengers

We all love The Avengers and undoubtedly the entire MCU and this post will uncover 10 things you may or may not know about our favourite group of Super Heroes.

1. The Avengers is based on a comic series originally released in the 1960s


The Avengers that we know and love today are actually based on a comic book series that were originally released in the 1960s that have been developed to suit the modern day. I’m assuming these comics out date the most of us.

2. Captain America Not ‘The First Avenger’


Despite Captain America being labelled as ‘The First Avenger’ he was not one of the original Avengers. The original team was Thor, Iron Man, The Wasp, Ant Man and The Hulk. Captain America didn’t join the crew until issue #4.

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My X-Men: Apocalypse Review (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD)

So I’ve just arrived home from the cinema and thought I’d write this straight away whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. Also, I have some good news! Me and my girlfriend signed up to Cineworld Unlimited, so we can see all the films we want when we want. It’s such a good deal. Go at least twice a month and you have your moneys worth right there. Anyway, back to the mutants!

Apocalypse includes everything you could want in an X-Men movie, including new faces, and some old, an epic super villain and some awesome CGI. However, despite all this it didn’t really excite me as much as Civil War did, and all in all, I preferred some of the previous X-Men films.


A lot of people feel that the X-Men really kick started and legitimised the superhero genre and the comic book boom with the release of the first two films in 2000 and 2003. Then with the 2014 release of Days of Future Past it eclipsed both it’s predecessors making it, in my opinion one of the better films in the franchise.

This film mainly takes place in 1983, but it starts off in ancient Egypt where Oscar Isaac’s character En Sabah Nur or Apocalypse, the world’s first ever mutant, seeks to merge himself with Celestial technology to make himself immensely more powerful. However, his transformation is sabotaged which leaves him trapped underground for hundreds of years.


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Let’s Review: Google Cardboard

Here we go then. Today I’m looking at the Google Cardboard, or as they like to call it, simply, Cardboard. Check it out in the image below. I’ll cover everything in this post from price, quality and of course COOLNESS!


Let’s start with the price. Some of you may know already how much these things cost, but, if you don’t, I picked up mine from Amazon for a round £7. Which I thought was a bargain, when I first heard about these I thought they’d be more expensive but I was wrong. GET IN!

So, we’ve covered price, but what about quality? The quality of this particular Cardboard is surprisingly good. Once assembled, which took me around 10 minutes using the instructions provided, it actually holds together better than you think. It is all cut out ready for you to fold up and it can be a bit fiddly, but TRUST ME, it’s worth it. You may have a problem with the head strap, as mine kept coming unstuck, but no dramas. It can also be a bit uncomfortable on your nose as the cardboard is quite harsh, but for the price, you can’t really complain.

Okay, you’ve made it, what next? Now you need to connect it to your phone. A lot of Carboards use NFC technology, so make sure your phone has NFC before you purchase. You simply turn it on on your phone and then tap it against this part of the headset pictured below.

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Incoming Movies to Get Excited About!

So Winter is finally over, I think, and that means that Summer is here, despite the fact that it is raining outside whilst I write this. However, we all know that when Summer comes along so does the big screen extravaganza. Spinoffs, sequels, reeboots, remakes, prequels, adaptations and if we’re lucky, maybe even some original stuff too. There is definitely something for everyone this coming season, and so I thought I’d make a guide to show you guys what films I’m getting excited about in the coming months.

You best whip out your phones and get that calendar app open as there are A LOT of movies you will not want to miss this summer, and it all starts now.

As you may have read in my last blog post, I gave Captain America: Civil War the review treatment, and thought it was awesome. If you haven’t read that review yet, be sure to check it out on my previous post.

Let’s kick it off with this. You know his name…

Jason Bourne

The Bourne identity should only belong to one man in my opinion, Matt Damon, but after the 2007 release The Bourne Ultimatum, he said he was done with the Bourne franchise, which left me gutted as I love these films and Matt Damon as an actor. The team tried to carry on the franchise with Jeremy Renner’s character, Aaron Cross, in the 2012 release of The Bourne Legacy, but this gave the directors a real ultimatum from the die hard Bourne fans. Give us back the REAL Bourne or GTFO! This was my general feel towards this film too. But now, four years later, Universal finally bows down to the fans and presents us with this beast! Simply named Jason Bourne, it goes against what they have done in the past with “The Bourne One Thing or Another” but there is no need to be afraid, as yes, Damon is back where he belongs in this franchise with more epic gun fights, crazy car chases and some awesome stunts. PHEW! (Breathes a sigh of relief)

Catch this one in cinemas on 28th July 2016 (UK)

Suicide Squad

If Batman vs Superman got you thinking “Oh no what have DC done?” Not to worry, this film will definitely bring back all our love for the DC Cinematic Universe. DC have been pretty successful on the small screen recently with Arrow and Flash, but now they are turning it up a notch with the upcoming release of Suicide Squad on the big screen. It is so extraordinarily different to anything else we have seen in the Superhero genre before, so it’s hard to have anything negative to say about it. The film follows a host of DC villains, Rick Flag, Nemesis, Dead Shot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, El Diablo, Slipknot, Enchantress and of course, The Joker, who I am the most excited about. The squad have been recruited by the government to work together to take down a powerful new villain, who we are yet to meet. But, do the government really expect them to succeed or do they just want someone to blame when it all goes wrong. This film looks fresh, weird and epic, and could be real competition for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Swing by the cinema on the 5th August 2016 for this one (UK)
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My Captain America: Civil War Review (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD)


I have always been Team Cap ever since this film was announced, and I FREAKING LOVED CIVIL WAR! My first superhero movie since Deadpool as I never got around to seeing Batman vs Superman. I must say it bought on A LOT of nerdgasms which I’m not afraid of, I embrace them. For me, it was the best one in the trilogy. So let’s gas about that!

The last superhero movie I saw was Deadpool, and it was a bit disappointing so I was really hoping this film would claw it back! (full Black Panther pun intended)


It was such an epicly awesome film and really made me laugh too despite all the fighting and the WAR going on. The Vision tries his luck with Scarlet Witch, which doesn’t go quite to plan! Ant Man and Spidey geeking out over fighting along side The Avengers was wicked. Bucky and Falcon also competing for Cap’s approval was rather comical.

Despite our favourite characters being split down the middle, Cap assures Tony Stark that he will always be there to help The Avengers despite their rift and differing opinions. But Mr. Stark does have a reason to be upset, Bucky after all did kill Tony’s mother and father back in his Winter Soldier days.

Nerdgasms! I experienced so many!! They really made this film with the fans in mind. Black Panther makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, Spider Man is finally introduced after so many rumors and so much gossip during the build up to this film. One scene that really stuck out for me was when Ant Man rides atop one of Hawkeye’s arrows, a perfect homage to the classic scene in the comics (Avengers #233 to be precise)


I love the newly designed Spidey suit, which I later found out is more true to the original artwork from the comics. He also cracks jokes and really shows his true age and naivety as a “new Avenger.” Another highlight for me is when Ant Man turns into Giant Man during the massive airport fight scene which actually made me LOL! As a whole I lost count for the amount of nerdgasms I experienced but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

The last fight scene with Bucky, Cap and Iron Man was a real feature from the trailers and we finally find out why this fight took place.

There are 2, yes 2 end of credit scenes in this film… One with Black Panther in Wakanda teasing the solo Black Panther film and the second teaser where Spider Man receives the Spider Signal from Tony Stark, again true to the comics, where the words “Spider Man will return” shoot out onto the screen. This gave me goosebumps to see what they do with the third generation Spidey!


So, Civil War completes the Captain America trilogy making it, for me, the best super hero trilogy. Better than Batman trilogy and the previous Spider Man trilogy. However, we still have Thor: Ragnarok which will finish that trilogy off so we’ll see what they do with our favourite God of Thunder but also don’t forget the third Avengers film too. So we have a lot to look forward to in the future with the Universe.

If you think about it, the Captain America movies have been released in between the Avengers films and sort of acted like the binding for the other phase films. Civil War has really set us up with the perfect platform for the standalone Black Panther movie, the magnificent return of my favourite of all, Spider Man: Homecoming and don’t forget the next Avengers and phase three in the Universe.

I freaking loved Captain America: Civil War and if you haven’t seen it yet, why not?! Get your behind to a cinema and go see it! I give the the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe 5 stars and I’m still Team Cap! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Travel Like A Pro

I woke up one day and just thought I wanna go travelling. So, that’s just what I did. I spoke to my girlfriend about it and she loved the idea. We both left our jobs, applied for visas and within a couple of months we flew out to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. This is where the fun began. 7338_10153334241832081_240261497226578517_n

We spent the first few months in Canada, and after a couple of weeks, we started working, in a ski resort, in the Rockies. The town was called Jasper and the resort was called Marmot Basin. Before starting work here, I had no idea how to ski, whereas everyone else seemed like a pro. Myself and my girlfriend worked the same job. Ticket Scanning. Now I know it doesn’t sound too glamorous, and trust me it wasn’t, but it was fun while it lasted. This is just one of the pics we took when we were in Jasper.


I read online somewhere that Jasper is the most Canadian town in Canada. I can see why they think this. It’s a small town and has very limited access. So, unless you have a car, or you’re only staying there for a short while you may feel a little restricted.  Check out this article if you wanna read more http://travelingcanucks.com/2015/01/jasper-might-just-canadian-town-canada/

After working at the skill hill for about four months, we decided to leave and go travelling instead. We travelled the USA first and we ditched the snow and cold for the sun and flew to Hawaii to start it all off. Hawaii is the best place I have ever visited. It is never cold there and there are beaches everywhere. Just look at how awesome this beach looks here.


After Hawaii we travelled back to the mainland and travelled northwards on our way through California and Washington. Some of the highlights for me were the EMP Museum in Seattle. Las Vegas for sure, and of course Disneyland.


After Seattle we then started to travel some of Canada, making our way to Toronto (as this is where we had to fly home from) We made our way through Quebec, stopping in Montreal and along to Ottawa which was awesome. Our final stop was Toronto, an amazing city and the Baseball was awesome. A first time for everything I suppose. This is a fairly short post about our travels, but I may post some longer separate posts about each place. I’ll leave you with this awesome pic of the Notre Dame in Ottawa. Peace, Luke x